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About Julie and the Coastal Range

Multiple images of Julie Ingham

Or perhaps it should be designed by me!

Everything starts with a drawing for me.  I work things out by drawing and painting and thinking visually.

The Coastal Range is a beautiful range of prints which I have developed into a range of products.  The range includes, prints, framed and unframed, tea towels, place mats and coasters,  scarves and notebooks and more recently enameled cups.  You can Shop the Coastal Range on this website.

Collaborations with other people are so exciting and none more than my resent collaboration with Roger Cooper at Bulington Bespoke. A conversation about holidaying in France and hotel in Monaco led to an entire range of beautiful bathroom basins and other sanitary ware. I found myself modeling my water colours directly onto the basins and then working them into designs using Photoshop. The results of this can be seen under the heading Collaborations.

Jules & Ginny is the international textile design design studio I run with Virginia Baxter . Along with two freelance designers we supply the international market with design for apparel, furnishings and stationery. 

Please contact me if you are interested in collaborating on design projects or would like to discuss any of my work further.

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